Covid - 19 Planning

Due to Covid – 19

Townline Church is cancelling the Sunday services held at Townline until further notice. As Christ followers we want to be cooperative and compliant with the efforts of the state to curb the spread of the virus for the welfare of the people. This is not us giving in to the devil, but rather practicing our respect for the government and our concern for the welfare of the people in our communities.

We will try to have a sermon prepared to watch by Sunday mornings. Details and links to the video will be posted on our FB page.

We urge you to seize the opportunities in these strange times to, as followers of Jesus, cast all your cares upon the Lord, to be exceedingly generous in offering care to those in need during this time and, use this as an opportunity to fellowship and worship in a small group. While it is allowed, we encourage people to gather in their small groups on Sunday mornings, if you are not part of a small group connect with one of the elders closest to you and see if you can join them.

If even that size is discouraged please consider inviting a friend or a few friends over on Sunday morning to view the sermon or to simply worship together.